Izun Pharmaceuticals Corporation is dedicated to harnessing the power of nature’s botanical ingredients to create innovative products.

Izun technology unlocks the natural benefits of botanicals to provide more effective and safer solutions for a range of medical needs.

Izun is focused on improving the quality of life for various indications, such as cancer patients through a range of oncology support products.

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The attached publication in the “Journal of Diabetic Complications & Medicine” by the authors Jonathan Rosenblum and Menachem Oberbaum describes
NEW YORK–Izun Pharmaceuticals Corporation (“Izun”, “Company”, izunpharma.com), a clinical-stage company focused on developing high efficacy products based on pharmaceutically active
Product approved for prescription and over the counter indications New York, N.Y. – Izun Pharmaceuticals Corporation (“Izun”, “Company”, izunpharma.com), a