Different Forms Of Periodontal Disease And Their Causes

Periodontal disease or gum disease, which can be defined as a progressive disease consisting of various different stages is very common among people around the world. This disease which develops step by step is characterized as having an infection of tissues answerable for supporting the gums and bone supporting the teeth. Different stages of periodontal disease are accountable for causing harm to your oral health on different levels. Yes, that’s right, the more periodontal disease progresses the more harmful it becomes for your gum tissues and teeth.

In the absence of right treatment in the initial stages, it can become slightly difficult for people to control this disease when it progresses to the advanced stages. The disease can result in tooth loss if you fail to give attention to its treatment.

According to reports, this disease remains the primary reason behind tooth loss among people across the globe.

Causes of Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease takes place because of the oral bacteria, which remain the sole reason behind the formation of dental plaque- a soft and sticky thing found on the teeth and gums surrounding them.

Periodontal disease kicks off at a time when dangerous toxins contained in bacterial plaque begin to attack tissues across the teeth. Initially, only soft tissues surrounding the teeth are attacked by the oral bacteria. What really happens is the bacteria found in the mouth breeds quickly in the gum resulting in bacterial infection which affects the gum tissues. With the growth of the infection, the bacteria reach deep inside the gum tissues leading to gum inflammation. In such situations, the human body reacts on destroying the tissues affected by bacterial infection and that’s the reason behind receding gums.

Because of that, the pockets formed due to the bacterial infection between the teeth begins to intensify or grow. In addition, to that, the tissues accountable for forming up the jawbone also starts receding which becomes the reason for making the teeth unstable and finally the tooth loss.

Different Forms of Periodontal Disease

There are numerous types of periodontal disease and all of them need to be treated quickly in order to strengthen the affected gum tissues and to save the tooth loss.


One of the most common forms of periodontal disease which are caused by the toxins found in the bacterial plaque is called Gingivitis. In this condition, the oral bacterial attacks the soft tissues which lead to swollen and bleeding gums. Apart from that bad breath and irritation causing reddened gums are other important signs of Gingivitis.

People who have the greater risk of developing this disease and may find it hard to control include people who use steroid, pregnant women, chain-smokers, and those suffering from diabetes.

Gingivitis can be easily treated by taking care of oral hygiene effectively at home which includes proper brushing and regular flossing. In addition, to that, when it comes to obtaining fast results you should opt for gum disease product like PerioPatch developed by Izun – Pharmaceutical company in New York or a professional dental cleaning.

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Failure of treating Gingivitis generally results in advancing the disease to a stage called Periodontitis. This happens, when bacterial colonies start to grow rapidly and the toxins produced by oral bacteria starts damaging both soft and hard gum tissues surrounding the teeth. Due to the chronic inflammation that’s is actually caused by toxins produced by bacterial plaque, both gums and teeth are destroyed badly if proper treatment is not taken.

You can control periodontal disease by following proper treatment including both surgical and non-surgical procedures.

PerioPatch – An Incredible Product For Treating Periodontal Disease

All those people who have suffered from periodontal diseases or gingivitis at some point in their lives would never like to face such diseases again, considering the fact that one has to go through a lot of pain and difficulties.

In the simplest way possible, periodontal diseases can be described as the infections and inflammations that occur near teeth and gumline, which have the capacity or potential to destroy the tooth when they reach an extreme situation.

However, if we look at them more technically, periodontal diseases range from mild inflammations to gingivitis to periodontists which are caused due to bacteria and can have a negative effect on periodontal tissues like gingiva, cementum, and periodontal ligament etc.

Periodontal diseases stem from plaque, which is caused or formed by bacteria that live in the mouth. Plaque can generally be described as a sticky and colorless stuff found on the teeth, that is produced by bacteria.

Though it’s true that plaque can be removed easily through timely brushing and regular flossing, however if it still stays in your teeth, it starts hardening and converts into tarter after a period of time. Remember one thing, tarter cannot be removed by you and in order to get rid of it, you have to go to a dentist for a dental cleaning.

Significance of PerioPatch in Healing Periodontal Diseases

Though there are a lot of ways to overcome, prevent or treat these oral diseases, but they are surely going to take sufficient time. However, if you think that it’s just impossible to find a quick treatment for periodontal diseases you are absolutely wrong as you can always use ‘PerioPatch’ a product designed by Izun Pharmaceuticals for treating oral problems like gingivitis and periodontists etc.

PerioPatch is an incredibly useful topical patch which helps in providing tremendous relief from oral inflammation caused by periodontal diseases such as gingivitis and periodontists. Once this topical patch is correctly applied over the affected area, it starts working magically and reacts towards healing the inflammation very quickly.

As soon as PerioPatch is made to sit on the inflamed parts on the gumline, its distinctive properties start protecting the tissue by extracting the inflammatory exudates that stay in the tissue as well as in Gingival Crevicular Fluid – which is often addressed with its acronym GCF. It’s extremely important that inflammatory exudates are effectively absorbed, otherwise, they help in sustaining the inflammation.

Hence, in order to get rid of inflammatory cytokines (which help in stimulating and starting the periodontal disease cycle) from crevicular space, it’s important to use PerioPatch.

If you want to understand how fast PerioPatch works, let me tell you that within an hour one patch can absorb approximately 140µl of Gingival Crevicular Fluid.

According to the variety of research studies conducted at renowned institutions like the University of Michigan, and Columbia University PerioPatch helps a great deal when it comes to reducing and healing the inflammation caused because of oral diseases. However, the best part of using PerioPatch is that it has no side effects.

Periodontal Diseases And Different Treatment Options

Bleeding gums can be quite common when brushing and flossing, and none of us are usually bothered to figure out what makes them bleed. For most of us, it’s a usual problem that’s faced by all most everyone around us and probably that’s the reason we start ignoring it. Do you think it’s right to possess such a careless attitude towards a disease? Well, if you ask me I would say it’s absolutely wrong. In fact, our careless attitude towards these minor oral problems remains the major reason that later on converts them into more serious forms of periodontal diseases such as gingivitis and periodontists.

According to a study, that was conducted by a team of researchers way back in 1999 at National Institutes of Health- the United States, the problem of bleeding gums is faced by all most half of the people in America above 30 years of age.

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What are these bleeding gums and why do we suffer from them? If you have swollen and bleeding gums that means you are facing bacterial infection. And a bacterial infection in the gum line and around the teeth gives an indication of the outbreak of periodontal diseases. In simple terms periodontal swollen and bleeding gums are the most obvious and clear signs of periodontal diseases.

If you ignore to treat this type of bacterial infection in its initial stage, it may, later on, develop into a more dangerous periodontal disease like gingivitis which further has the potential to transform into periodontists. And what you need to understand is when periodontal diseases are in their most critical condition they can end up ruining or destroying your teeth.

Different Treatment Options for Periodontal Diseases

The entire aim of the treatment remains to control the inflammation caused by the disease. And the kind of treatment you should go for depends on the severity of the inflammation or the disease. If in case you have a habit of smoking you may have to quit it in order to enhance the treatment process. For example, it’s quite difficult for chain smokers to get rid with periodontal diseases if in case they are unable to quit or change their smoking habits.

If in case you want to go ahead with surgical treatments for gum disease they include –

  • Flap surgery, bone grafts, soft tissue grafts, guided tissue regeneration, and bone surgery
  • Flap surgery is carried out in order to remove tartar from the teeth and for doing so, your dental surgeon has to lift back the gums so that tartar can be cleaned thoroughly
  • During flap surgery, the dentist also rectifies the irregular surfaces of the bones damaged due to the disease, so that the bacteria accountable for the disease cannot hide there anymore
  • During this method, the space between the teeth and the gums is reduced so that the growth of the bacteria can be stopped
  • On the other hand, the bone graft process is carried out to replace the damaged bone either with synthetic bone or with the fragments taken out from your own bone
  • Bone graft eventually helps in the regrowth of your bone
  • Apart from that soft tissue grafts procedure helps in strengthening the gums by filling in grafted tissues in the damaged areas
  • If in case the bone that supports your teeth is damaged or destroyed then you can go ahead with the procedure of guided tissue regeneration
  • Guided tissue regeneration reinforces the growth of bone and tissue

In addition, to that, you can also go ahead with the non-surgical treatment options for gum disease.

If we talk about the non-surgical treatment options it includes dental cleaning and scaling & root planing. Apart from opting for dental cleaning and scaling, you can also try treatment products for periodontal diseases such as PerioPatch and PeriActive.