‘Excellent results’ from new botanically based perio treatment options: PeriActive and PerioPatch

By William Z. Levine, DDS

These two new perio treatment options, derived from “natural substances,” offer an alternative to traditonal antimicrobials. One dentist at the School of Dental Medicine at Stony Brook has already enthusiastically incorporated them into his practice.

In the medical news, there has been significant coverage in recent years about two distinct but related medical issues: the role of inflammation in a wide range of chronic diseases (e.g., diabetes, cardiovascular disease, arthritis) and the growing recognition of the perio-systemic link (i.e., that treating oral infection and inflammation leads to improvements in overall health) (1, 2). Based on recent CDC reports that over 50% of the American adult population has significant periodontal disease, the importance of effectively treating periodontal disease cannot be underestimated (3). Then, too, there has been widespread public health concern about the overuse of antibiotics due to development of resistance as well as significant undesirable side effects. This article will focus on two new products, PeriActive and PerioPatch.

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In keeping with these developments and a growing interest in health solutions from natural sources, Izun Pharmaceuticals has introduced two botanically based periodontal treatment products clinically proven to treat gingivitis and periodontitis. They are PeriActive, a daily-use mouthwash, and PerioPatch, a concentrated localized topical therapy in the form of a mucosal patch. Together they represent a breakthrough in the treatment of inflammation, as well as a welcome alternative to antimicrobials.

Unlike chlorhexidine and other rinses that kill bacteria, PeriActive is the only topical product that, in addition to reducing bacterial plaque, penetrates deep inside the gums, reducing the actual source of the disease—gingival inflammation—and repairing the damaged tissue. Its soothing film further protects and relieves associated symptoms of inflammation, including bleeding, sensitivity, and soreness. With regular use, PeriActive not only speeds the healing of gingivitis, but it also prevents more serious stages of gum disease from developing (4–6).

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A more aggressive form of treatment than PeriActive, PerioPatch is especially effective for advanced stages of periodontal disease. It works rapidly to reduce inflammation and rebuild gingival tissue. It actually works “outside in,” as it is so effective that it can be placed on the outer aspect of the gingiva rather than inside the periodontal pocket. When applied to the gingiva, it generates increased collagen and clinical attachment level and reduces pocket depth (6–8). Its unique, proprietary bilayer film protects the tissue while absorbing the inflammatory exudates both from the tissue and from the gingival crevicular fluid (GCF) that would otherwise perpetuate the inflamed state. A single patch can absorb more than 140µl of GCF in 1 hour, effectively keeping the crevicular space free of inflammatory cytokines and other factors that activate the disease cycle.

These products were developed by Izun Oral Care using an extraction process that transforms natural substances into health treatments that are pharmaceutically effective. They have been proven to reduce inflammation and promote faster healing—with no adverse events—in numerous double-blind, randomized, and peer-reviewed studies at major academic centers such as Columbia University, University of North Carolina, and University of Michigan (9–11).

David W. Paquette, DMD, MPH, MMSc, associate dean, School of Dental Medicine at Stony Brook, who has a special interest in novel interventions for periodontal disease, has already incorporated PerioPatch into his patient treatment protocols. “I’m seeing some excellent results on patients that I’m treating with gingival and periodontal inflammation and irritation,” he said.


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William Z. Levine, DDS, is CEO of Izun Pharmaceuticals and the director and founder of the Jerusalem Perio Center, the largest private healthcare facility specializing in the treatment of oral diseases and implantology in Israel. An active board member at several hospitals and healthcare centers in Israel, Bill received his DDS and Certificate of Periodontology at Columbia University, New York.

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