CannRx Technology Partner Receives ISO 17025 Certification for Its Laboratory

CannRx Technology, Inc. (“CannRx”,, a privately-held Delaware corporation whose mission is to develop high quality pharmaceutical products from cannabis by leveraging its patented technology, announced today that its partner Izun Pharmaceuticals has been awarded ISO 17025 certification for the analysis  of cannabis and cannabis-based products. The certification of Izun represents the first laboratory in Israel to achieve this distinction.

CannRx is leveraging off Izun’s successful track record in developing botanically-based healthcare products, some of which have already received regulatory approval in the US and the EU. Using Izun’s state of the art screening technology for cannabinoids and specific in vitro assays, CannRx has already identified certain strains and cannabinoid profiles that may be valuable in targeting specific diseases. This collaboration has already resulted in the development of a proprietary patent pending delivery system for cannabis.

Barry Hahn, M.D., CEO of CannRx, stated, “Our collaboration with Izun has provided us with an opportunity to utilize the cannabinoid assays which were validated by the ISO 17025 certification and certain in vitro assays to advance CannRx’s efforts to initiate clinical studies. While our ultimate focus is in developing prescription cannabis products initially to treat Parkinson’s disease and pain, we also believe that offering current ‘medical marijuana’ users a product that has a defined ratio of each cannabinoid component will provide dual benefits of safety and reliability.“

CannRx currently is in discussions to establish relationships in the US and Canada to develop differentiated products utilizing the expertise it has developed through its collaboration with Izun.